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Although the VITAL system is methodical, it is not mechanical.  Planning should not abandon dreams and desires simply to fit in a product box or frame.  It is no more suitable than believing the human brain can be thoroughly duplicated in a circuit.
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A Systematic Approach

In the medical profession the common knowledge is that "Diagnosis without examination is malpractice".  No solution can be proposed without a proper diagnostic and the more complex the solution or option, the more extensive and definitive the analysis. 

Our process is one where the analysis is the most time intensive and detailed via an opening interview on a diversity of topics, not just finance.  Retirement should be a worry free as possible and that means no loose ends to the most reasonable extent attainable.

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VITAL solutions address the markets as they are, not as they used to be, wish they could be or worse yet some irrelevant concoction of yesteryear and the now.  The VITAL system refreshes periodically to address the potential effect of impactful change, thereby assuring continuous optimal results.
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