Anyone experienced with shopping for insurance online knows they could be asking for more “attention” than they bargained for.  Many sites are just in the business of selling your information as a “lead” to numerous agencies.  We know of people who had to change their number to avoid the onslaught of calls. We decided early on that when you come to the Mall, you control the process.  We never sell your personal information.  If the time comes where you would like advice, we promise to protect your information and provide objective, open source advice free from bias.

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All Agents Are Not Created Equal

The process of applying for and qualifying for life insurance can be as simple as a few clicks or as complicated as a court case. Regardless, when professionally handled it can often mean the difference not just between approval and decline but getting a policy issued at the rate that you actually do qualify for.  Life Insurers  are niche marketing animals and for those who are in less than perfect health, a knowledgeable agent is indispensable.

Our agents understand what each company’s preferences are, the types of cases they shy away from and most importantly they are able and motivated to present especially difficult cases to the underwriting staff honestly in the most favorable light.  That means getting approved at the lowest premium payment.

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Entrusting Your Future Is Serious Business

Our agents are owners.  They have a say and a vested interest in the long term.  Other than a mortgage perhaps, life insurance is possibly the longest financial commitment you may make.  It only makes sense to have an advocate who is there to advise as your needs evolve.