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If you are needing to offset certain risk of loss over a defined measure of time, then term life insurance is probably right for you.  Examples include giving your beneficiary the comfort of having a mortgage paid off or maintaining a lifestyle through the replacement of lost income, again over a defined period of time.  It is the least expensive form of life insurance.

A medical exam is not required although for those with excellent health history a successful exam will produce the lowest rate class.

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We represent a large stable of top companies. Select the one that you believe suits you best we  assist in assuring that your choice is in your best interest. 

Application direct to the insurer online or over the phone is easy.  Our agents are owners and do not favor any company over another. We are motivated to provide the best long term solution available for your life insurance need as that also serves our interest.

Assuming you are between the ages of 18 and 75, term life insurance is an option in most cases.  Rates are based on age, health and lifestyle.  They also vary depending on your location and length of term.  Our agent owners are highly knowledgeable in assessing potential rates based especially on health.  They are your advocate to the industry and are driven by the placement of a policy to your most desirably available option.

Uncovering need is essential and even more so is budget.  Life insurance “Need Calculators” are nice but for many on a tight budget they are unattainable values especially where one’s age and health are less than ideal.  Unless you have a highly specialized need, we suggest using our free quote tool.  Start with 10-year terms as they are the least expensive. Refer to our essay on Health Ratings for guidance in that respect.

We are motivated to keep your business. Sometimes a client may wish to make changes and we are there to make it work anyway possible.

All life insurance plans are subject to a “free look” provision as regulated by the state of residence. It is a “money back guarantee, no questions asked” that is available up to 30 days after the policy is issued. Any cancellations during that period returns 100% of all monies paid toward the plan.

All life insurance policies have a “redemption clause” that allows you to keep the policy in force even if you miss a payment. Also there are riders that may be added that will pay the premium in the event you cannot due to certain disabilities. These conditions do vary depending the company and we encourage our agents to provide continuing advice to our clients who have financial challenges.