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Final Expense rates in all of the plans we are licensed to represent are guaranteed level for the life of the policy. There are no additional fees or charges; our services as agents are free and without obligation. Also your face amount or death benefit is guaranteed to never decrease.

A medical exam is not required. There are even plans for those with serious health concerns that have no health questions. Healthier persons get better rates and rates increase for nicotine use. Life insurance companies are niche animals and our agents are able to place you in the best plan depending on your specific health profile.

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We represent a large stable of top companies. Select the one that you believe suits you best we  assist in assuring that your choice is in your best interest. 

Application direct to the insurer online or over the phone is easy.  Our agents are owners and do not favor any company over another. We are motivated to provide the best long term solution available for your life insurance need as that also serves our interest.

We are motivated to keep your business. Sometimes a client may wish to make changes and we are there to make it work anyway possible.

All life insurance plans are subject to a “free look” provision as regulated by the state of residence. It is a “money back guarantee, no questions asked” that is available up to 30 days after the policy is issued. Any cancellations during that period returns 100% of all monies paid toward the plan.

All life insurance policies have a “redemption clause” that allows you to keep the policy in force even if you miss a payment. Also there are riders that may be added that will pay the premium in the event you cannot due to certain disabilities. These conditions do vary depending the company and we encourage our agents to provide continuing advice to our clients who have financial challenges.